Industry Leading Design and Manufacturing Technologies

Grassland Discs is focused on utilizing cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies that are new and innovative to the sport of disc golf.  

Our team utilizes advanced Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing technology, or, as it’s more commonly known, 3D printing.  Our FDM machines have been specifically selected and customized for manufacturing each disc with strong, flexible, grippy, and aesthetically-pleasing characteristics.  This isn’t a hard brittle 3D print from a DIY machine.

Why FDM? 

Have you ever purchased multiple of the same disc from another manufacturer and found that they all throw a little bit differently?  That is due to the inherent processes used in injection molding, the process used for creating standard discs, that struggle with consistency as the disc plastic is formed and cooled.  Essentially it is not economically possible to cool and cure a disc the same way every time and the solidified structure of the disc will always be slightly different and weigh differently.  By utilizing FDM, our discs have a new consistency and quality that is only now being introduced to the sport.  Our discs are accurate to a fraction of a millimeter, built in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, and are specifically heated and cooled during manufacturing to ensure consistent curing of the plastic.  All Grassland discs are designed with the FDM manufacturing method in mind, allowing for new shapes, feels, and flight characteristics to be explored.  We love how these discs feel and we think you will too.


Will we always use FDM?  Maybe, but that could change.  Our ethos is to provide cutting edge and professionally capable products, so utilizing other manufacturing technologies is entirely possible.  Whatever we choose for our manufacturing process, you can remain confident that it will provide you with a highly competent and precisely engineered product 

High-End Materials

Our materials are meticulously sourced and tested to ensure that they meet the high quality and performance needs required for consistent disc manufacturing.  Although we expect other material choices and blends in the future, we currently use Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the same type of plastic used in many other brands high end premium discs, which ensures superior durability and consistent flight dynamics.  

Community Engagement

Designing discs is much more complicated than one may think.  What our team likes may be completely different than what you want, and we’re aware of this bias.  In an effort to build discs that you will love, our team is focused on engaging our local communities.  From the disc golf beginner to the seasoned professional, we engage our players by providing extensive opportunities for input and engagement in our products.  

Want to get involved?  Follow us here on our website and on our socials.  We want YOU to help us develop products that will inspire you to play, get outside, meet new people, and find a new love for the sport.  Keep your eyes peeled to get involved in our process.

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

Our ethos has focused on identifying and creating a supply chain around environmentally friendly and fully-recyclable materials.  Although we are just getting started, we hope to develop further technologies in our process to ensure that our company, a company founded around the creation of plastic products, reduces our carbon footprint and aspires to completely eliminate manufacturing and end-of-life disc waste.