Codename Poecile


'Poecile' is the Grassland Discs foundation project; a disc that provides new and exciting characteristics utilising cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies.  

We started with an idea: To design a disc that would be able to combat strong Saskatchewan winds while providing strong and agile flight characteristics.  With this ethos, we arrived at a putt and approach disc that would have strong overstability that would inspire players to play in all types of weather.  

The Design

What is the disc? It’s a putt and approach disc built to provide a strong grip for full power-grip approach shots and consistent accuracy for short ranged putting.  To be more technical, it’s very overstable and can be great for scrambling around bushes, trees, or just fighting wind for a flex approach. 

The Poecile prototype is 211.5mm in diameter and weighs 160 to 175 grams.  Featuring a flat textured top and an ergonomically designed rim, the disc profile, as shown in Detail ‘B’ below, allows for the player to hold the disc for both forehand, backhand, and technical shots.  The rim wall on the interior of the disc is deep allowing for fingers to fit in firmly and providing substantial area for holds.  The edge where the nose meets the lower rim profile focuses on a hard 45-degree angle that we call “The Groove”, improving consistency by allowing the player to quickly feel and orient their hand the same way every time they throw. 

The Flight Numbers

This is always a subjective value, however, according to our testing and analysis, we believe it’s a 3 | 4 | 0 | 3.  The more spin you put on this disc the better it will glide, so flick away!

The Material

The disc is constructed out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the plastic used by many manufacturers for constructing premium performance discs, using FDM Additive Manufacturing Technology, or, as it’s more commonly known, 3D printing.  Utilising this high end material and cutting edge manufacturing process ensures superior durability and consistent flight dynamics.  This material has been chosen specifically for this disc application, focusing on the right amount of flexibility and rigidity requirements.

This disc is really important to us.  It’s the launch point for the Grassland Discs brand and it provides us with a new way of playing the game of disc golf. It allows us to bring a new technology and level of quality to the game and it’s the starting point for our aspiring support in building this sport we love.